Every professional from the creative industry requires products that can make their work stand out and also facilitate them in the process of completing their masterpiece. A lot of monitors are covered from the sides manually by using a box or soft box to hide the screen from flare and reflections. This beautiful monitor reduces the hassle and makes it easy.

Due to the pandemic of Corona Virus [COVID-19] coming in the way of our lives and affecting businesses globally, the world had come to a halt. There have been predictions by The World Trade Organisation (WTO) that the impact on the global economy by the coronavirus pandemic could be far worse than that of the financial crisis hit in 2008-09. Market analyst, Ms. Reem Aboul Hosn, has clarified questions everyone wants answered, including how long will it take for the world to financially recover.

Projectors will never go extinct, nor will they ever be overlooked. Whether it’s a presentation, a movie, or simply a video in the background; a projector is a device that is used for most occasions professionally and personally. However, there have been issues faced over the years with this piece of technology, some of which include over-heating, quality not being up to the mark, and non-ergonomic body designs.